JCK 5: Bait Shops

How online ­jewelers are luring shoppers to their brands in reality:

1. Pop-ups: Often standalone spaces—though they may be part of a larger retail event or installation—pop-ups, such as BaubleBar’s (above), offer insight into factors like how location affects foot traffic.

2. Stores within a store: A retail experiment as old as the days of the department store makeup counter, co-branding with a large brick-and-mortar store gives jewelers ties to a venerable brand.

3. Appointment-only showrooms: These spaces deliver a concierge-style experience, with a chance to interact one-on-one with shoppers.

4. Independent retail partners: Unlike a store within a store, there’s no physical footprint for the online retailer; the brick-and-mortar partner acts as a proxy when dealing face-to-face with buyers.

5. Stand-alone stores: Blue Nile plans an untraditional take: Customers will be able to see and try on merchandise, but they’ll buy online via in-store tablets. —MCW

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