Into the ’Hoods: Inside JCK Las Vegas’ New Neighborhoods

JCK Las Vegas’ new neighborhoods help buyers conquer the show

When it comes to JCK Las Vegas, you may have been there, but you certainly haven’t done that. This year’s show will feature a brand-new floor plan that’s been divided into 21 pavilions, or neighborhoods, designed to make it easier for buyers to shop the show. In addition, the layout is dotted with lounges and rest areas paying tribute to the notion that the work/life balance is inevitably more of a work/life blend. Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of JCK Events, tells us what to keep in mind as we cruise through Mandalay Bay.

JCK: What’s the idea behind the new neighborhoods?
Yancy Weinrich: We want to give buyers an easier, more welcoming shopping experience. The neighborhoods have areas with landmarks and lounges, so people can take a load off and sit down. Every neighborhood will have an area where people will be able to relax and grab a cappuccino. One of the neighborhoods will have a spa lounge offering hand/foot massages, polish changes, and spa-type refreshments.

JCK: Love it! Why did you decide this was necessary?
YW: JCK can be overwhelming. With so much to see, we’re trying to calm it down and make it more manageable. It’s a hectic week and you’re trying to get business done. We’re creating some areas for you to take breaks so you feel refreshed when you’re shopping.

A sample of what you’ll find in Now/Next: Detachable Collection pieces with Swarovski crystals from Myka Designs ($82–$329)

JCK: What’s the Now/Next neighborhood?
YW: It was formerly Fashion and it’s now called Now/Next. We gave it a bigger footprint on the show floor because we know it was a highly trafficked area. It’s highly curated with fashion exhibitors. It’s now front and center—where Diamond Plaza used to be. 

JCK: And what can you tell us about the new Tech pavilion?
YW: The new pavilion will house a new wearables area and all tech companies relevant to retail; that could be point of sale, RFID, or inventory management. It’s an area that retailers have gravitated to, so we broke it away from Equipment and Supplies (now called Essentials), and put them adjacent to each other.

JCK: I can’t resist asking about the new happy hour program.
YW: Yes! Every day within the Mandalay Bay campus across from Stripsteak, JCK will take over the bar. We’re calling them “Wine(d) Down” happy hours. The point is to make it easy for people to mix and mingle.

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