Iman the Icon Inspires De Beers Store

The new De Beers store in London is suffused with the image of Iman—its “style icon.”

Although there has been some speculation over whether she will remain the public face of the chain (see sidebar), the Somali-born supermodel’s picture is featured prominently outside the store, and even the store’s mannequins evoke her frame.

JCK got an exclusive first look at the store late last year. The elegant, well-conceived, one-story retailer is located at a prime London spot—at the corner where Old Bond Street meets Piccadilly, on a street that houses numerous other jewelry names. The chain already has three boutiques in Tokyo and will open stores this year in New York and Los Angeles.

JCK was not permitted to take pictures inside the store, but it was clear that De Beers is going for a trendy, modern look. Diamond-studded leather chokers are displayed prominently in the windows. The soundtrack is ambient electronica, and Africana is hinted at with adornments like African-styled flower pots.

The store’s décor is almost entirely chocolate brown. It offers De Beers “brown boxes”—the diamond company’s version of the famous Tiffany “blue box.” Some of the jewelry features colored diamonds, including pinks and blues. Flowers are featured prominently, particularly in jewelry such as De Beers’ “Wild Flowers Collection.”

Shots of the store and its jewelry can be seen at The chain is not currently selling over the Internet.