I Hate To Be Sold!

Some people hate to feel that they’re being sold. Maybe they believe all salespeople are pushy and aggressive. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience with a salesperson in the past. Or maybe they really do want to look around and make their selection without the help—or burden—of a salesperson. So be it. What do you do with this person?

Greet them with a warm, friendly greeting just as you would greet a friend coming to your house. If they want to be left alone, they most likely will tell you they want to “look around.” At this point, give them a verbal map of the store. In other words, say something like: “We always welcome lookers; feel free to look around. We have our gift section over here, our diamonds are in these cases, our colored gems are over here, our watches are along this wall, and our fashion jewelry is in these showcases.”

After getting the verbal map, the person who wants to be left alone will thank you. If so, let them look, and do not hover. Hovering over a customer who simply wants to look is obnoxious. If the person finds something he likes, he’ll ask for help and you can begin your sales presentation by asking questions.

Remember, with this person it’s especially important to determine if the purchase is an emotional one and, if so, to focus on the emotion of the event or occasion instead of selling jewelry. By asking good questions, you can get the customer to sell herself. Try something like these: “What is the special event?” or “What is important to you in selecting a _____?” You’re simply a delivery agent helping them make a selection; you’re not “selling” them.

If after giving a verbal map the customer says something like, “I want to look at earrings,” then you’re on your way in the sales presentation. Remember that the majority of purchases made in a jewelry store are based on some emotional reason. Share in the excitement of the emotional event, and be a warm, loving, caring salesperson; don’t just focus on the jewelry’s features. All you do then is remind people that you’re a salesperson there to take their money.

Your job is to help people share in the special moments of their lives by sharing in the excitement of the event or occasion. Trying to sell someone who doesn’t want to be sold will usually do more harm than good. Be a chameleon and adjust your presentations to fit the wants and needs of the customer.