I Believe in People!

I believe in people, and I will go to the grave believing that, in general, people are good and want to do the right things. Sure, you will always have some that go the other way, but that's life. When it comes to sales, I believe people are good and want to do a great job. I don't think anyone takes a job wanting to fail. The main thing people want out of their job is to be and feel successful. Here is what's happening in the world of retail jewelry, for the most part: Business owners are hiring people without knowing if they're good salespeople, not checking, and not helping them improve. Meanwhile, salespeople are taking jobs, reaching a level of competency or incompetence (depending on how you look at it), not trying to improve, and letting their education stop. And we wonder why sales aren't as good as they should be. Most people don't know what they don't know,

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