How to Hit Jewelry Shoppers’ New Sweet Spot

When it comes to average retail tickets, what went up before the financial crisis inevitably came back down in its wake“It used to be that a woman could spend $10,000 on a better piece of jewelry and not think about it,” says Belinda Coffrin, owner of Coffrin Jewelers in Sarasota, Fla. But since the Great Recession began, her clients have been doing a lot more thinking and about half as much spending. “Ten thousand dollars was a comfortable price for people before the recession. Now, $5,000 is the new comfort zone,” she says.The sweet spot—the magical sticker price that aligns so perfectly with your customers’ expectations and desires that their wallets practically pop open by themselves—has been a moving target in recent years, rising and diving with the fickle economy.Certainly, average ticket prices are still below what they were before the recession. And there are too m

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