How To Be a Military-Friendly Company

Look out your office window and you may notice cars in the parking lot sporting a “Support the Troops” yellow ribbon magnet. Human resources departments ask about military service on job applications. You may even recall the donations canister in the break room for a few months before Christmas. Is that what it means to be a military-friendly company?

In general terms, military-friendly companies make it possible for military reserve and guardsmen, along with recently separated servicepersons, to work while providing support for their families. The G.I. Jobs Web site ( lists the year’s “Top 50 Military-Friendly Companies.” They’re selected through an annual survey focused on areas such as company assets dedicated to military hiring, company policies in regard to the Reserve and National Guard, the percentage of new hires who are veterans, and overall vet training and support programs.

The current economy demands new and different ways of doing business. Fresh ideas depend more on the relationships built with employees and customers than ever before. Here are four reasons why you should consider making your business military oriented:

National recognition. The Employer’s Support of the Guard and Reserve recognizes military-friendly companies on their Web site ( There is also a map that takes visitors to a list of companies that are considered “supportive employers.” These companies have signed and posted a statement of their continued support of military employees.

Marketing. features military companies on a “Top 50 Military-Friendly Company” list. This drives new customers to your site because people like to patronize companies that understand how military knowledge, support, and real-world experience have a positive affect on the bottom line.

Money. Opening your company to a great new customer base is often a result of being a military-friendly organization. Military customers are loyal and appreciative of those who give back to service members and their families. More than 200 companies offer military discounts.

Great employees. Recently, a national news program discussed the qualities that make military personnel perfect employees and why many companies choose to hire them. They are dedicated, disciplined people who know the value of following procedures and accepting responsibility. Military employees often have valuable skills and technical knowledge they have learned through their service. They understand motivation and teamwork, work well under pressure, and work well despite adversity. They are a diverse group with integrity and a strong work ethic.

To put this in perspective, United Services Automobile Association makes the Fortune 500, as well as the Employer’s Support of the Guard and Reserve list, the Top 50, and the Top 10 military-spouse-friendly employers lists this year, and they’ve focused on the value of the military family since 1922. Here’s what they say about the military worker: “‘We know what it means to serve’ is more than a slogan. We respect and honor what the men and women in our military risk for us, and what their families go through to support them. Not only have you proven yourself in service to our nation, but you also know our members better than anyone—and can share your unique experiences through service to our members.”

Johnson Controls is ranked No.1 on G.I. Jobs’ “Top 50 Military-Friendly Employers” list and believe candidates with military experience bring ingenuity and state-of-the-art training to the workplace. Here’s what they share about the military worker: “We know the importance of having a highly qualified and diverse pool of talent to recruit from, both now and for the future. That’s why Johnson Controls is pleased to be a member of the U.S. Army’s Partnership for Youth Success, established to provide America’s youth with the opportunity to match the skills they acquire serving their country with employers like Johnson Controls.”