How Much Time Should We Spend on Training?

“Knowledge is power,” according to an old saying, but I don’t believe it. I believe that the use of knowledge is power, and that’s a big difference.

Conducting sales training once a week or once a month, or having your people watch a video or read an article does not ensure that the knowledge is being used. The retention and application of the information is the key to maximizing success in business, and it’s only through constant and ongoing training that the use of the knowledge will be achieved.

There are five keys to training. The trainee has to:

  • Hear the information.

  • Read the information.

  • Write down understanding of the information (testing).

  • Role-play the information.

  • Be observed applying the information in live situations.

Even after these five criteria have been met, the person needs constant repetition of the information. Training has to be ongoing and conducted at every opportunity. Only through consistent training meetings, on-the-floor coaching, reading books and articles, analyzing real situations, verbal testing on presentations, written testing, listening in on presentations, and positive reinforcement will the maximum effect of training be realized. The job of training is never done; we are in the business of training for the rest of our business lives.

If you’re a salesperson reading this article and your company does not offer constant, ongoing training, put the responsibility upon yourself. Your success is at stake as well.

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