How Jewelers Can Maximize Their Online Conversions to Increase Sales

Ask not what buyers can do for you. What can you do for them?There are a couple of things all store owners know about their websites: how many visitors they get and how many inquiries those visitors make. But what about visitors who don’t make inquiries, who visit but aren’t ready to buy? Your job is to tempt them with offers that practically  guarantee they'll return and buy. Maximizing your online conversion is one of the easiest ways to increase sales, and converting leads into sales is a much better strategy than starting over with cold prospects.A fictitious example: Jane and John run stores. Both get about 100 website visitors per week; from that, both Jane and John receive four email inquiries for product, two of which they convert into sales.Many businesses would be happy with that. But what about the other 96 people? The simple answer: They are at various stages of the

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