How Does Jewelry Marketing and Merchandising Change in the Summer?

Q: How does your marketing and merchandising change in the summer?

A: “Springer’s Jewelers has three locations in coastal Maine and New Hampshire. During the summer, the population almost doubles in all of our locations with tourists and people who have summer homes in the area. Most tourists are looking for something with a nautical touch, or a piece of jewelry that includes our state gemstone, ­tourmaline. It’s important to have this merchandise in the cases and displays and to also have price points that tourists are comfortable with. Changes in our marketing focus on advertising our higher-end lines in local lifestyle publications and holding trunk shows that ­target our summer clientele.”  
—Lilly Mullen, brand manager, Springer’s Jewelers, Portsmouth, N.H., and Portland, Maine

“The way we view marketing and merchandising changes from season to season. We vary the message and volume to reflect the consumer mindset. We view social media as a constant form of marketing. It is lighthearted in the attempt to show product, start a ­conversation, and reveal the character of our store. As we head into spring and summer, our cases come alive with color accents, ranging from floral displays to brightly colored scarves and knickknacks.”
—Sarah Stegeman, co-owner and marketing director, Sturhahn Jewelers, Quincy, Ill.

“Being in a new location, I’m trying several different avenues to generate sales and activity for the store. I have used the USPS Every Door Direct Mail with some success. I sent out postcards according to delivery routes and have been able to track the response. I included a map and a QR code on each postcard. There are several routes I plan to revisit with additional mailings. I also continue to post my new creations on Facebook. These have created a lot of interest among friends and fans as well as with many of their friends. I plan to cross-promote with other tenants in this center as well as with other local complementary services such as bridal shops, florists, salons, and caterers.”
—Dale Robertson, president and owner, Dale Robertson Jewelry, Loveland, Ohio

“In past years, we’ve run sales and encouraged clients to use our free layaway program to prepare for Christmas gift-giving. This summer, we’re focusing on special in-store events and building our online presence. Our merchandising will reflect the themes of our special events as well as showcase inventory we are phasing out to make room for new merchandise ordered after JCK Las Vegas. We also plan to use Twitter and Facebook to create excitement about new lines we’ll be introducing in the fall.”
—Ani Minasian, marketing director, Goldex Fine Jewelry, Montebello, Calif.