How Can I Motivate My Staff?

It’s unlikely that a staff will ever care as much or work as hard as the owner or manager. That’s why you have to create an environment in which people can have their own “business” within your business. That will encourage them to think like an owner.

People do not accept a position wanting to fail. Employees want to do a good job, but too often something or someone gets in the way. The best you can do as an owner or sales manager is to create an environment conducive to personal growth and development. A key element of that approach is taking responsibility for training and coaching; then you will at least know that your employees understand how to do the job. It’s then up to each individual to perform to the best of their ability.

If someone lacks adequate motivation, ask yourself if any of the following 10 conditions apply:

  1. The rules, policies, procedures, or standards have not been justified to him or her.

  2. The employee has not been given the knowledge or skills needed to complete the jobs or tasks assigned.

  3. There are factors preventing the person from doing a job completely.

  4. The salesperson is not rewarded based on his or her productivity.

  5. The salesperson does not have a goal set that he or she is working to achieve.

  6. The sales manager does not provide positive reinforcement.

  7. The sales manager resorts to fear, intimidation, and belittling.

  8. The sales manager does not provide fair discipline and praise.

  9. The sales manager does not give adequate time to the salesperson.

  10. The sales manager does not make the job fun.