Got Designs on Costume Jewelry?

Q: What’s the best way for fine jewelers to promote ­costume, or fashion, jewelry collections in their stores?
    —Donna Hankin, proprietor, Joint Venture Jewelry, Cary, N.C.

A: “We have had good sales and a lot of in-store fun with our clients with the costume fashion trends that have been happening. We don’t promote them publicly, but we do enjoy showing and promoting them to everyone coming in. The added benefit is that when our current clients are having fun in the store, they send us many more new clients. Creating a happy, fun store environment is very helpful for business.”
TOM WRIGHT, co-owner, Wright’s Jewelers, Lincoln, Neb.

“As a jeweler who mainly carries fine jewelry and watches, costume or fashion jewelry is not a subject we often approach. We do, however, promote some costume or fashion pieces as a beautiful and inexpensive alternative to our fine jewelry.  We find this to be the case with brides looking for an economical way to spoil their bridal party. It is essential that while you promote these products, you do not take away from your fine jewelry. There is often a thin line between an expensive item and what only looks like an expensive item. It takes a long time to build your reputation as a premier jeweler, and you do not want to confuse or anger clients by offering them items that have a familiar feel to your fine jewelry.”
JORDAN FREIBERG, sales director, Classic Creations Jewellers, Toronto

“We do sell fashion jewelry and have seen our sales grow throughout the years by just doing what we do best: choosing the right designers for our market, continuing in the family tradition of providing excellent quality in our pieces and maintaining the highest standards in our service. By using our ­website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, we keep our customers up to date with the latest trends in fashion, jewelry, and pop culture, creating a fun—but knowledgeable—vibe that continues when they walk through the door.”
LAURA VERSES, vice president, Craig’s Fine Jewelry, Ridgefield, Conn.

“AmRhein’s Fine Jewelry does not carry costume or fashion ­jewelry, however, AmRhein’s Brides & Formals does. We have a few movable jewelry cases in that salon to showcase trendy fashion pieces that are a great add-on to a bridal or ­formal-wear purchase. These pieces include decorative hair ­­jewelry, bracelets, chandelier earrings, necklaces, and cocktail rings—rhinestones and simulated pearls are most popular. When targeting high school girls preparing for prom or homecoming, the fashion jewelry is a popular add-on because it might only be worn once and is priced accordingly.”
REBECCA L. SPAID, director of marketing, AmRhein’s Fine Jewelry, Brides & Formals, and Wine Cellars, Roanoke, Va.

“We have found that the best way to promote our price point ­jewelry items is through a combination of direct mail and in-store signage. We add inserts with our ‘monthly special’ to our billing statements and send out a trifold mail piece twice a year. Our regular customers know we have this category and often come in looking for these new items on a monthly basis. We also promote these items on our Facebook page and now Pinterest as well. We encourage our sales associates to do the same.”
—ANNE S. RAST, advertising coordinator, Bromberg’s, Birmingham, Ala.

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