Good Times at JCK

I hope you noticed our new “JCK Reader” campaign in the March and April issues of JCK and the JCK Look Book. As you can see from the outtakes on the left with the Green brothers of Lux Bond & Green (that’s John in the blue shirt and Marc in the white), we have a ton of fun doing the photo shoots!

We are very excited about the campaign. We believe it highlights the unique role The JCK Publishing Group’s magazines have in the jewelry industry. While other books may have their niche, JCK is—and has been since 1869—the book of record for this fascinating industry. It has a special place in the hearts of the industry’s most dynamic people, and we think this campaign illustrates that. Keep an eye out for more personalities in ads to come.

I’m writing this on the eve of my trip to Basel, Switzerland, for BaselWorld, and the past four weeks also have seen a whirlwind of travel. First stop was the Istanbul Jewelry Show. Walking this show with our European rep Mirek Kraczkowski is great fun. Everywhere we went we were greeted by warm hugs, big smiles, and everyone exclaiming “Abi!” And Mustafa Kamar and the Turkish Jewelry Association (TAJ) threw a fashion show and party that was one of the most amazing events I’ve witnessed. Congratulations to them all.

Next up was Mumbai, India, for four intense days of meeting clients with our Mumbai representative, the indomitable Kaushal Shah. In the man’s world of Mumbai business (teeming with hundreds of men everywhere you turn), it’s an inspiration to watch Kaushal march from call to call. She’s warmly greeted wherever she goes. Of the fun nights we had there, the most interesting was watching cricket on the big screen TV at the local sports bar—so like home, and yet so not like home. Just great.

This spectacular May issue marks the beginning of our preshow publications. By the time you read this, The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas will be just weeks away, and you’ll likely be deep into show planning. As much as I enjoy the international travel part of this job, I do look forward to seeing my stateside (as well as international) friends at The JCK Show. See you in Vegas!

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