You’re So Money! Coin Jewelry That’s Both Classic and Trendy

Gold medallions with ancient roots are adorned with talismanic signs and symbols

(Top) Pink enamel and diamond Starburst pendant in 18k gold with 14k gold chain; $9,030; Andrea Fohrman;;

Marlo Laz five coin pearl diamond emerald necklace5-Coin necklace with white diamonds, emerald, white pearls, and Tahitian pearls in 14k gold; $17,500; Marlo Laz;;

Retrouvai alchemy vitality padlockAlchemy Vitality Padlock in 14k yellow gold; $4,290; Retrouvaí;;

Celine Daoust gold medal and dangling eye necklaceGold medal with diamonds and Dangling Eye necklace in 14k yellow gold; $2,985; Celine Daoust; 32-23-434-318;

Azlee goddess coin pendant and animal kingdom charmGoddess Coin pendant and Animal Kingdom small charm in 18k yellow gold; $8,100; Azlee;;

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