Get to Know … Alexandra Hart

Born in Salem, Mass., and currently living in San Diego as a full-time metalsmith, Alexandra Hart has found her niche in nature. “Dramatically alluring yet signally protective natural organic forms inspire me,” she says. “Curvilinear or spiny shapes that create safe interior spaces intrigue me the most.”

Hart has found synergy among inspiration, high design, and execution that many artists spend their entire careers chasing. “[In my work] I hope to create bold sculptural jewelry that is seductive yet solitary, graceful yet guarded. Working with highly skilled hammer forming, carving, and fabricating techniques, I utilize fully the metal’s three-dimensional potential.”

Through sound technique, Hart has walked the line between art piece and wearable design. Her ability to listen to the metal and translate the character of each medium into her designs is the key factor in her success as a creator of fine art jewelry.

Among her many skills, one of the most useful for the design process is simple sketching. “I draw a lot,” she says. “I draw all my work before it’s made. To work out the details and turn it around in my head helps me to turn it around on the paper. Then I go into the metal and try to bring it out beyond the drawing.”

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