Get Press—Without a Release

Another way to communicate with the public and get your store’s name into the local paper is to write a letter to the editor. You can do that by responding to a news item or feature story that appeared there. Here are five tips:

  1. Never criticize, insult, or judge anyone, including the reporter who wrote the story on which you’re commenting. Make your points but avoid even a hint of anything that could sound remotely offensive.

  2. If the reporter interviewed a competitor (but not you), add a relevant aspect that wasn’t covered. Try to come across like an expert offering a professional opinion or pertinent fact, but don’t sound condescending.

  3. Don’t limit letters to jewelry-related stories. If you can comment intelligently on a general retail or business story, do so.

  4. Follow the newspaper’s guidelines for word counts, etc., which are usually found on the editorial page. In general, shorter is better. Include your store’s name, address, and phone number.

  5. Unless the local fire department put out a fire in your store or the police thwarted an attempted robbery, avoid thank-you letters. And make sure your letters don’t sound like advertisements for your store.

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