Gershburg Plans Mass-Market Lab

Mark Gershburg, the former head of EGL USA, has left that company to start a “21st-century” lab that will target chain stores and mass marketers. Joining Gershburg at his new venture, Gemological Science International, is Deborah Azar, who handled chain-store accounts at EGL USA.

Gershburg says GSI will be a “lean mean” lab with lower costs and faster delivery times. “We want to define everyone’s responsibilities in the lab more clearly, to create a clearer definition of everyone’s job.”

His lab will also offer training of salespeople that use its reports. “We want to work with our customers’ training departments,” he says.

The lab reports will also stress the “gem experience.” “Today, reports take away from the buying experience,” Gershburg says. “We want to reconnect people with the reason they are buying jewelry.”