Why GemologyGeek Is Our Favorite Instagram of the Month

Need to up your gemstone IQ? There’s no better IG than GemologyGeek (@gemologygeek), Erica Silverglide’s colorful peek into “the world of Gems, Jewels & #Gemacation.” Don’t let the lengthy captions scare you; they’re packed with details about history, provenance, and even Mohs hardness.

gemologygeek diamondsBreaking down all the diamond colors and their causes. (Trace elements of boron! Who knew?)

gemologygeek eloiseAnother treasured member of the GemologyGeek crew: Eloise the pup

gemologygeek star sapphiresShowing us where star sapphires got their name

gemologygeek citrineExamining a 147.46 ct. (!) John Dyer Dreamscape-cut Bahia citrine

gemologygeek emeraldsGeeking out over a Muzo Emeralds–designed bracelet featuring the company’s stones

gemologygeek spessartiteSpessartine or spessartite? Both, says GemologyGeek, but spessartine is more common.

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