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De Beers in the U.S.

My understanding, from some good sources, is that De Beers/Diamond Trading Company executives have traveled to New York rather frequently in the last six months. [Managing director] Gareth Penny even came for a bit. I also saw one or two at the Russell Simmons press conference. And while in the past, De Beers executives limited their trips to “noncommercial” activities, like meetings on conflict diamonds and charitable functions (like Jewelers for Children), lately they have been visiting JWT and the De Beers store on Fifth Avenue, clearly commercial activities. … Given that De Beers already has a U.S. representative (on the noncommercial side), most think it’s a matter of time before they come in here full force. The speculation is that they are waiting for this class action to be fully put to bed, although the class-action lawyers don’t understand that. Anyway, welcome to New York, guys! Give me a call. As we say in America, we’ll do lunch!

—Rob Bates, Cutting Remarks

The Skinny on Italy’s New Rules for Models

I recently came across some interesting fashion news from Italy. The Camera [Nazionale] della Moda Italiana—Italy’s fashion industry association—has banned any model with a body mass index under 18.5 (meaning, approximately, a 5’8″ woman weighing less than 120 pounds). Kudos to Italy, I say. We regularly cast models for our JCKstyle fashion shoots. Recently, as one model dressed, her spine and rib cage poked through her skin, yet she told us that she had just a few more pounds to lose before she would be able to work the runways. Yes, a few more pounds. Camera della Moda should be applauded for breaking the cycle of peer pressure.

—Carrie Soucy, Style 360