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Rough diamonds have been used in their natural state by a few daring designers—Frieden AG of Thun, Switzerland, is probably the best known for the look with its Diamas collection, creating and showing exquisite rough-diamond pieces long before Nicole Kidman made news with Bulgari’s rough diamond necklace.

But L.A.-based Rahaminov is doing a really cool new thing with them: they’re using rough colored diamonds. And they’re not exactly rough. Well, they are, but they aren’t. Check out these new Rahaminov pieces, whose diamonds can only be described as rough-but-polished. Oxymoronic? Maybe. But distinctive? Definitely.

The rough-cut diamonds in Rahaminov’s new collection are opaque and translucent fancy colors. They’re rough in back, but with fronts polished in ways that break the rules: variable angles, multiple facets not in the usual arrangement, and a variety of finished shapes ranging from rose cuts to beads to diamond slices (!), a look usually reserved for either semiconductors or watermelon tourmaline. The colors are set off by sparkling white melee and set in 18k gold.