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I believe jewelers still need to see and touch jewelry, just like their customers.

I believe jewelers still need and rely on exceptional customer service from their suppliers, just like their customers expect it from them.

I believe most jewelry is bought and sold in person and not electronically, by jewelers as well as their customers.

I believe jewelry has an intrinsic value because of precious gems, metals, and craftsmanship, but until it is acquired and appreciated by its owner the full value is not realized.

I believe too many in our industry have relegated jewelry to commodity status because of greed for volume and profits over need of values and principles.

I believe our industry has sacrificed too much to become big and plentiful when it used to be smaller and more rare, not just to us but to the consuming public as well.

I believe the pressure to do it faster and cheaper with fewer resources has harmed the industry in ways we have yet to fully realize.

Jeffrey Skaret, A Different Facet, July 15, 2009