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Shanghai Blogging: The Earthquake and the World Diamond Congress

So, to answer everyone’s questions about the earthquake: Yes, I’m OK; no, I didn’t feel anything, or see any buildings move (though some Diamond Congress delegates saw people file out of buildings that apparently were moving).

Things are astonishingly normal in Shanghai considering the horrific tragedy that just happened in China. Most of the information I’ve gotten on the earthquake has been from Western news sources. There hasn’t even been much talk at the Congress about the earthquake—except, at last night’s gala dinner, the associations meeting here, including the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the International Diamond Manufacturers Association, donated quite a bit of money to earthquake relief. But otherwise, it hasn’t really impacted things. People in Shanghai seem determined to carry on as normal.

Rob Bates, “Cutting Remarks,” May 13, 2008

Trend Watch: On the Fringe—Sensuous Waterfalls

Fringe is the provenance of the Alluring style personality—it’s all about “look at me.” The movement inherent in a piece of jewelry can’t help but catch the eye. Where the piece drapes against the curves of the body and the movement conforms to the body of the wearer, the effect can be sensuous and captivating.

Cynthia Sliwa, “Jewels on Jewels,” May 12, 2008

Why Blog?

I absolutely love blogging for JCK magazine. The biggest advantage for me is that so many of you participate. I’ve grown up in the business and realized the industry has changed. It’s not like mom and dad’s in any way. I don’t do my accounting by hand, each employee has their own e-mail address, punching in is digital, and the customers come in armed with knowledge from the Internet (this is one of those changes that sometimes hurts more than it helps). I know my mom and dad’s way of doing things—but unfortunately I had to tweak and fine tune things to fit the modern age. Many of my ways are more cost effective and efficient but sometimes I just can’t help doing things the old-school way (mom and dad’s way). Many things, I’m learning as I go and I have so many questions regarding how others do it better. I want to do it better! I just wanted to thank you all for participating and commenting. Your comments have helped me grow.

Shanu Singh Guliani, “Behind the Counter,” April 30, 2008