From Mine to Store: Zorab Atelier de Creation’s Crazy Horse

In Chinese Astrology, 2014 is the Year of the Horse, which is said to usher in oodles of good luck and fortune. The auspicious year—and its majestic animal spirit—inspired this one-of-a-kind equine cuff designed by Henri Istanboulian of Zorab Atelier de Creation. The 18k pink gold and palladium bangle uses black spinel and white, brown, and yellow diamonds to mirror the kaleidoscope of colors children experience as they cling to a horse on a revolving carousel, says Zohrab Istanboulian, Henri’s father and patriarch of the San Diego–based jewelry firm. The cuff, part of a larger collection of equine pieces, is also a nod to a clutch of Zorab clients who ride, adds the founder.

Sexy Beasts

Zohrab, who cofounded the brand in 1994 with his wife, Arsine Istanboulian, says the design of the bangle “absolutely reflects Zorab Atelier de Creation’s aesthetic, with its whimsical design, top-quality gemstones, and one-of-a-kind uniqueness.” Recent entries in the brand’s ever-growing bestiary include rings topped with a rabbit, bird, or fish and a statement necklace composed of gold frogs swathed in a rainbow of glittering gems.

Pony Tale

The bangle, which took almost four months to fabricate, will be on view—and for sale (priced at $145,650)—at Zorab’s booth at JCK Las Vegas. The biggest challenge in creating the piece, Zohrab says, was “coming up with how we could turn a horse, an animal with four legs, into a round piece.” Another puzzler: “creating and shaping the individual gems that went into each element of the horse, from the mane to the ears to the skin.”

Saddle Up

The sophisticated steed was fabricated in 18k pink gold and palladium, inlaid with 17.34 cts. t.w. fancy diamonds, 6.47 cts. t.w. brown diamonds; 6.34 cts. t.w. white diamonds; 12.85 cts. t.w. yellow diamonds; and 10.19 cts. t.w. black spinel. A small clasp on the left side of the bracelet opens the piece on the right side.

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