From Mine to Store: Sylvie Corbelin’s Golden Geisha Earrings

“A joyful vision of femininity” is how Sylvie Corbelin describes the gussied-up geishas she created in these one-of-a-kind earrings. The French artist, who works out of an atelier inside the famous Paul Bert flea market in Paris, felt the pull of the Japanese geisha because “she is a mysterious woman who dedicates her life to fine arts,” she says. “My jewelry is inspired by women who excel in the profession of art.” The unusual—and unusually diverse—mix of gems and metals was deployed in large part to “give volume” to the glamorous geishas. “Jewelry is a precious object that should not be flat,” adds the designer. No worries there—this dazzling duo is positively awash in anima.

Robe Call

The (18k) golden girls feature 68.17 grams of sterling silver; 2.54 cts. t.w. diamonds (in the fans and “to give a silky finish to the kimono fabric”); 4.44 cts. t.w. rubies (the kimono lining); 0.88 ct. t.w. emeralds (including an old-mine carved emerald in the right geisha’s coif); 7.8 cts. t.w. tourmaline; 4.84 cts. t.w. French enamel; and 2.18 cts. t.w. turquoise. The kimonos are meant to evoke material designed by masters of the Japanese art of Ukiyo-e.

Rebel Sell

The 10-cm-long earrings, priced at $25,000, will be showcased at the upcoming Elite Enclave show at JCK Las Vegas. The elegant earrings are “meant to be worn by a woman who knows herself well,” Corbelin says. “Someone who is not afraid to defy the establishment.”

French Class

Every set of earrings Corbelin creates comes with a backstory. These geishas, whom she calls her “dancing jewels,” have names: Geiko and Maiko. The designer, who calls her aesthetics “very Parisian,” explains that the spirit of Parisians “has a fierce aesthetic presence. I do hope it is the identity of my jewelry house.”