Five Web Site Sales Tips

You’ve worked hard to get Web site traffic, now you’ve got to persuade them to buy. You’re ready for Web site conversion—when visitors turn into customers. You don’t need as much traffic if your visitors purchase. Some keys to success:

  1. Revise and update your Web copy. Use true stories that reveal happy customers. Instill the desire to have your product by focusing on benefits. Revise text until you know the copy is effective.

  2. Analyze your Web site traffic and determine where it’s coming from. Know which advertising or marketing activities produce your customer base so you can focus on and invest in them.

  3. Discover what visitors want and deliver: Ask desires or needs, identify shopping patterns and requests, tailor your offerings.

  4. Develop a relationship before you try to close the sale. Share your knowledge and expertise and demonstrate you’re easy to communicate with and trustworthy by offering free fashion reports, gemstone info, and gift-giving suggestions. (Remember, online competitors Blue Nile, Amazon, and Red Envelope do!)

  5. Pique shoppers’ interest and surprise them by adding audio to your Web site.; many will respond more effectively. Give audio messages that educate and teach something of value, such as current diamond prices. (Since this formerly-trade-only info is now readily available, embrace online consumer expectations.)

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