FBI Links to JSA Web Site

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has updated the Jewelry and Gem (JAG) portion of its Web site (www.fbi.gov) and linked it to the Jewelers’ Security Alliance Web site (www.jewelerssecurity.org.)

A link to a private organization such as JSA is unusual; almost all other links on the FBI’s Web site are to government sites, says JSA president John Kennedy. “JSA is delighted that the FBI has the confidence and respect for JSA, and its information, to link its Web site to JSA’s,” Kennedy says. “As a result of our capital campaign, JSA has been able to put substantial resources into developing our Web site, which has become a vital resource on jewelry,” he continues. “It is now widely used by enforcement agencies and the jewelry industry.”

To go to the JAG page, click on “About Us” on the FBI homepage, then click on “Headquarters and Programs” in the Resources section. The JAG program is listed under “Criminal Investigation Division.” JSA is the only Web site in the “Additional Resources” section.