Facts About U.S. Travelers in 1999

ADULT TOURISTS numbered 149 million.

BABY BOOMERS TRAVELED MORE than any other group, taking 259 million trips. They also spent more than any other age group, averaging $460 per trip (excluding transportation).

FIFTY MILLION BEACHGOERS visited U.S. coastlines during summer months. More men than women were beach-bound, and the seashore also appealed to adults with children and to travelers aged 18 to 34.

MINORITIES’ TRAVEL HABITS followed those of all U.S. domestic travelers. A majority of travelers used cars as their primary mode of transportation, and the typical travel party was two people.

NEARLY 30 MILLION TRAVELERS, or 15% of all U.S. adults, visited a national park. Many participated in an outdoor activity such as hiking, camping, and fishing.

THIRTY-ONE PERCENT OF U.S. adults, or 61.8 million Americans, took a romantic getaway. In fact, the average traveler took 2.5 romantic trips in 1999.

Source: The Travel Industry Association of America

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