EGLs (Well, Most of Them) Agree to Standardize

The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) recently sent out a release notifying the trade that eight of its affiliates agreed at a meeting to standardize their procedures.

But there was one problem: The release didn’t spell out which EGLs were involved, thereby leaving the impression that EGL USA—which has been feuding with the other EGLs—was one of the labs that agreed to the change.

In fact, EGL USA had no part in it, says CEO Marc Gershburg.

“We are a completely different organization,” he said. “We are happy with our standards of grading. We are not part of them and have no relation to them except our common founder.”

The release did mention EGL USA at one point, noting that the benefits of cooperation are “evidenced by the EGL International affiliate in Israel recently having helped train EGL USA gemologists in the detection of laser drilling methods.”

Earlier this year EGL USA asked the U.S. Customs Service to prevent reports from other EGLs from entering the country, saying they violate its trademark rights. “That ban is still in effect,” says Gershburg.

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