EGL International Fights EGL USA’s Attempts to Ban Its Reports

EGL International and European Gemological Center (EGC), the Israel-based affiliates of the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), have responded to the announcement made on June 24 by EGL USA that it had “requested the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection and local authorities to assist it in preventing the importation and distribution of gemstones accompanied by illegal EGL gem grading certificates.” (See “EGL USA Requests Customs Bans on Illegal Certificates,” JCK, July 2003, p. 33.)

In a statement issued in Antwerp, Belgium, Guy Margel, the founder of EGL, said that EGL USA is an affiliate of EGL’s international network, and that the issue arises from a misunderstanding regarding the trademark Margel registered as early as 1970 in Belgium. EGL USA started operating in 1986.

“This has nothing to do with illegal or fake certificates,” Margel stated. “As the founder and president of EGL, I can assure that all the EGL certificates issued in all our branches are valid and legitimate worldwide, including in North America.”

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