E. Schreiber Donates to GIA

New York-based diamond manufacturer E. Schreiber Inc. recently contributed $125,000 to the Gemological Institute of America’s Endowment Fund. The contribution will help support the ongoing research and education efforts at GIA. Norbert Steinmetz, a partner in the company, was honored for the donation during GIA’s 2002 League of Honor Founders Dinner, and was inducted into the Institute’s League of Honor during the event. In recognition of the company’s generous donations, which have totaled more than $175,000 since 1995, GIA has designated classroom 210 at the GIA’s Robert Mouawad campus in Carlsbad, Calif., with the name “E. Schreiber Inc.”

For more information on the GIA Endowment Fund, visit www.gia.edu.