DTC Unveils New Holiday Commercial

The Diamond Trading Company is unveiling a new Christmas advertising campaign built around the theme, “This Christmas say everything without saying a word.”

“We’ve done research, and men have trouble sometimes expressing emotions to their beloved,” notes Christina Lilly, core program director for JWT, the Diamond Trading Company’s U.S. marketing firm. So, the campaign says, let diamonds talk for you. “Diamonds let men say everything that’s in them,” Lilly says.

The campaign is built around the idea that consumers want to grow closer with their loved ones this holiday. “We’ve been seeing a lot of public divorces and splitting up of Hollywood celebrities,” says Lilly. We found people want to have more of an intimate relationship with their loved ones. People know deep in their hearts what’s most important.

The campaign will include a new commercial, “Sleeping Beauty” (see sidebar), as well as radio and online components.

The target audience for the campaign is—as usual for the DTC—men, but this time the campaign is unfolding according to its research on male buying habits. Men make the decision to purchase diamonds early on, Lilly explains, and so the DTC will be advertising heavily around Thanksgiving. But it takes them a while to buy, because men tend to shop around. “They told us they are browsing three to five times, if not more,” Lilly says. “They take time and lots of consideration.” The final decision is made right before Christmas, so that’s when the DTC will concentrate its fire-power. “We are doing an ad blitz in the last two weeks,” Lilly says.

This Christmas the DTC is also running another new commercial for its Journey diamond jewelry. “Dandelions,” which debuted in August, features two soul-mated dandelions flying in the air together to the strains of Dusty Springfield’s “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?”