‘Doc’ Robinson Resigns

Marc “Doc” Robinson resigned from his positions at PM West/Fine Gold, Los Angeles and Ontario, Calif., effective Oct. 31. Robinson says he plans to form a new company, Goldbarz International, which will gather clients for jewelry manufacturing consulting involving the industrial and environmental side of the business. According to Robinson, he also hopes to open an “international jeweler’s retreat” where jewelers can vacation while taking advantage of enrichment classes.

During his tenure at PM West, Robinson created and organized the annual Kraftwerks seminar event. He also performed the first stone-in platinum casting operation and developed a simplified platinum casting process.

For more information, contact Robinson at Goldbarz International, P.O. Box 413, Mountain Center, CA 92561; (909) 659-4741, fax (909) 659-6281, e-mail: goldmanic@tazland.net.