Diamonds in Pearls

Ambar Diamonds, known for the past two decades for its innovations in diamond cuts and invisible settings, is introducing another: the invisibly set diamond—this time in pearl. In 1982, Ambar became known for its patented Quadrillion cut, which has become the model for the generic princess cut. In 1988, Ambar was the first to invisibly set princess cuts. And in 1995, it was the first to invisibly set round brilliants. Ambar calls this its “Boundless Collection.” Now, in 2001, Ambar has mounted an invisibly set colorless round brilliant or Quadrillion into a black Tahitian cultured pearl, calling the technique “mystery set.”

While Ambar may be the only one doing invisibly set diamonds in pearls, setting gemstones within other gemstones (including diamonds in pearls) is not unique. Several lines of jewelry designers feature bezel-set gems, and one designer who specializes in diamonds in gemstones is Talento, an Italian-based designer featuring diamonds in aquamarine, amethyst, and citrine, to name a few. “Diamond in a Pearl” is the design work of Galetea, Jewelry by Artist, located in San Dimas, Calif. Here, the diamond is first bezel-set, then introduced into the pearl. For more information on Galatea, call (800) 609-6888, or visit the company’s Web site at Talento can be contacted by e-mail at, or through the Web site at

For more information on the invisibly set pearl, contact Israel Itzkowitz, Ambar Diamonds, Los Angeles, Calif., (213) 892-8928, or visit