Diamond Theft Mars Polish Fair

Thieves stole $1.5 mil-lion worth of diamonds from a Belgian diamond dealer at the Amberif International Fair of Amber, Jewelry, and Gemstones in Gdansk, Poland, according to Polish radio and TV.

Fair officials are offering a $6,800 reward for infor-mation leading to the capture of those responsible for the theft, an Amberif spokesperson told JCK.

The thieves broke into a safe belonging to Benelux Diamonds N.V., said the spokesperson. The theft was discovered in the morning as the show was set to begin its second day. The spokesperson added that this is the first theft that’s occurred in the show’s 14-year history.

While amber is the focus of the show, it also hosts exhibitors dealing in other types of jewelry including diamonds, gold, silver, and pearls as well as jewelry-making equipment.