Diamond I.D. Touts Online Registration

With certification and inscription of diamonds increasing, could online registration be the next big thing?

The people behind Diamond I.D. hope so. The Diamond I.D. system gives jewelers the chance to enter their customers’ laser-inscribed stones into an online computer database. The database, accessible via the Internet, can be used to help identify, track, and recover the diamond if it’s stolen. In addition, the Diamond I.D. package gives consumers two years’ replacement insurance from International Jewelers Block.

In a novel touch, every customer is provided with a loupe, so they can see their diamond’s inscription.

Diamond I.D. principal Jack Gredinger says the service can be used for both new and previously owned jewelry. And, although the name of the company is Diamond I.D., the service can be used on other gemstones as well. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.diamondid.com.