Designer Sarah Ho Has It Made in the Jade

Designer Sarah Ho’s Chinese heritage inspired these exquisite, one-of-a-kind earrings. Semicircle-shape fan motifs—Ho’s starting point conceptually—were all the rage during the Ming dynasty. And Ho used two kinds of jade, Asia’s most storied native gem, in her design. “The imperial green jade and rare ice jade in these earrings are renowned for having healing properties,” she says. “And the conch pearls symbolize infinity.” An advantageous pairing by any measure.

Super Fans

The earrings were handmade by artisans at Ho’s Italian production facility and were fashioned from 18k white gold. Together they feature 2.77 cts. t.w. diamonds, four pieces of green jade, four ice jades (the white stones), and four conch pearls. At press time, they were available for purchase, price upon request.

Top Drawer

The designer, who grew up in Macau but currently lives in London, recently revamped her business to focus more on one-off and high-end 18k gold designs. “I sell mainly at VIP events in Asia,” she notes. “I’m taking my brand firmly back to its roots.”

Magic Makers

The designer’s Italian workshop “did an amazing job of interpreting my designs and ensuring that the earrings are not too heavy, sit correctly on the ear, and have a flowing movement,” says Ho, who credits the sheer elegance of the final piece to “a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies.”

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