De Beers to Tout Everlon Diamond Knot

De Beers has announced the new "big idea" that it will tout in the fourth quarter: the Everlon Diamond Knot.

Everlon knot jewelry will feature designs based on a Hercules knot, with two metal loops held together by a diamond.

"The proposition of the campaign is the only thing stronger than a diamond is love itself," says Sally Morrison, interim director in charge of the De Beers account for JWT. "It’s about saying to consumers that, even in the toughest times, the strength of a couple’s love will never waver. We feel it’s an extremely strong and resonant proposition."

This campaign will work differently than past De Beers campaigns. The name, design, and product logo are protected, and the Everlon name can be used only by retailers and sightholders participating in the program. In exchange for the rights to sell the product, the retailers and sightholders are contributing money for its advertising.

"All the participants are splitting the costs of advertising," Morrison says. "In a year where budgets are very tight, we needed to bring in partners to deliver a campaign that will have equivalent communications pressure as past years."

The new campaign will include a TV commercial premiering Nov. 15, public relations efforts, print ads, and a Web site.

Morrison says the participating retailers will be allowed to tag the De Beers advertising with their own logos. "It will be an extremely integrated campaign from that point of view," she says. "The retailers will have access to the whole campaign that we normally keep to ourselves."

At press time, four sightholders had signed up: Rosy Blue, Pluczenik, Elegant Collection (Ratilal Becharlal & Sons), and JBCM (JB Group). Participating retailers include Zale, Helzberg, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, Samuels/Rogers, J.C. Penney, Ben Bridge, Fred Meyer, Reeds, Riddles, and around 300 independents.

Morrison says the campaign has two goals: "To drive overall demand, and to drive sales into specific participating retailers."

She notes that JWT research found that 60 percent of females and 68 percent of males were interested in acquiring an Everlon piece. Those numbers are similar to the initial interest in three-stone rings and Journey pieces, she said.