Customer Service

We just completed our semiannual ad sales team off-site meeting. Beyond the fun of hosting our far-flung team in New York and the celebration of a successful 2005 with a terrific party for the entire staff, we also got some great business done.

The theme of the meeting was a focus on what we do well (in a supercompetitive market like ours, we feel that’s the best tack to take). Our team has many strengths, including terrific product and solid relationships. Perhaps best of all is our reputation for providing solid customer service.

It’s well known that in order to sustain and grow a business, you can’t just sell a product—you’ve got to build ongoing customer relationships. Ours is an industry where clients can “vote with their feet” and choose one or many of a variety of competitive advertising vehicles. Customer service is the best way to make certain our advertisers have a great return on their investment and, in turn, earn their repeat business.

Customer service for us means sitting with our clients to hear their unique needs and then presenting advertising solutions to meet them. It also often means simply being an ear to hear concerns about all aspects of their businesses. I sometimes think we can just be there to assure them that others face the same challenges.

I personally find this part of the business one of the most enjoyable. Learning a customer’s challenges and finding answers is hugely satisfying, especially when working with those who are excited to think big.

We look forward to working with our existing customers and potential new customers to find ways to build awareness and brands among the nation’s jewelry retailers. If we’ve not reached out to you yet and you’d like to brainstorm, please contact me directly at

Congrats to the organizers of the Twenty Four Karat Club Annual Banquet, the New York JA Show, Centurion, and AGTA! All were hits that benefit the entire industry. (Plus, they were a terrific opportunity to see all our friends in the biz!)

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