Creating a Selection of Moissanite Earrings

Because earrings account for 20% of all moissanite finished-jewelry sales, knowing how to work with these pieces can help your store capitalize on this growing jewelry category. To help you decide what type of earrings to include in your store’s selection, take a look at the statistics for moissanite jewelry sales. Statistics show that 60% of moissanite jewelry sold contains jewels ranging in size from 5 mm to 7.5 mm—so be sure to stock pieces featuring jewels in that size range. How about a price guide? The retail prices for 40% of all moissanite jewelry sold are $1,000 and up, with margins ranging from keystone to triple keystone. The earring materials featured in this article were selected based upon demographics, sales statistics, and margins of profit for moissanite jewelry.

See the illustrations for a review of five quick setting procedures.

For additional information related to the design and working characteristics of moissanite at the bench, visit or contact Mark B. Mann at (406) 961-4426, (800) 210-4367, extension 251, or e-mail:

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