Create Compelling PR Themes

Don’t be intimidated by the media. They all have a huge appetite for stories. If you can provide them with good copy, chances are great you’ll get some exposure.

Here’s a hint: Forget about sales. Everybody has them. Think drama, creativity, innovation, and excitement. Here are some steps to figure out the special things you’re doing:

Look at your custom jewelry projects. Anything with special emotional or creative resonance is a good possibility.

Talk to customers. Ask them what makes your store unique and special.

See what you’re doing that other stores aren’t. Some stores carry a lot of colored stones. Others do ultra-fast repair work. Don’t focus on price. Discounters and chain stores can always beat you on that.

Read your local media. See what they’re covering. Take the strengths you’ve defined and shape them into stories that meet those needs. Write your ideas quickly and simply, and send them in. Good concepts plus polite persistence should get you coverage.