Cool Jewelry Gadgets: March–April 2016


Bellabeat Leaf

One of the most feminine (and fetching) wearables on the market, the Bellabeat Leaf is an activity and health tracker hiding inside a pretty leaf-shaped wood-and-silver clip. The device, which can be worn on a skinny double-tour leather bracelet, strung from a thin silver chain, or clipped to a shirt or waistband, monitors a user’s fitness and sleep as well as a woman’s monthly cycle.

What we liked: The Leaf is so good-looking, we were always getting asked about it. And every aspect, from the wood to the leather bracelet, feels well made. 

What we didn’t like: The device itself is on the thick side—no doubt by necessity. And hooking it onto the leather bracelet takes a little practice.

Best features: Its mission: The Leaf promotes a life of healthy habits, such as proper sleep, power walks, and meditative breathing. ($119;

The Leaf stores all your info in its smartphone app.




Modern shoppers are forever showrooming—hunting for the best deals on items online they initially discover in brick-and-mortar stores. How to keep showrooming shoppers from roaming right out of your store? Make sure your prices are competitive on a national level. The ShopSavvy app lets users price-compare thousands of items, including popular jewelry lines, by scanning bar codes and QR codes, then checking out sellers within a circle of more than 20,000 retailers, including Amazon and The app is also connected to Google Maps and can reveal how your local competitors are pricing product. (Free for Android and iOS at



Gem Photo Lux Studio

If photographing jewelry is a key to your daily operations, consider an all-in-one photo and editing system like Kassoy’s Gem Photo Lux Studio. Pop a piece of jewelry into the sturdy light box, attach your camera to the Studio’s macrolens, and snap away. The software allows you to edit images right there—eliminating the need to transfer files to a computer. Plus: Your camera stays in the same position, lending a lovely uniformity to all your product pics. ($2,650;

The Gem Photo Lux Studio pairs with a Canon DSLR camera.

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