Colored Stones Remain Stable: Gem Pricing, October 2015

Despite the volatility of the stock market, the growth outlook in the U.S. economy remains favorable. But if the volatility continues into next month, holiday jewelry sales are expected to take a hit, especially in the mid to upper range. Dealers are also watching the Chinese market. That economy’s slowdown has so far resulted in modest price adjustments in certain categories. As consumption in China’s gem trade continues to ease, the effects are being off set to an extent by growth elsewhere. Price drops for certain corundum varieties and diamonds are still anticipated. These categories in particular saw prices rise sharply in recent years, so the easing observed through much of 2015 is not surprising. The one exception is some non-Burmese ruby, where prices are expected to correct more noticeably. All in all, expectations for the coming holiday season are positive. The relative price stability the industry is seeing in the broader colored stone market supports the perception of value in a number of gem varieties. Blue sapphire, aquamarine, rhodolite garnet, opal, and zircon are some of the gems that continue to experience favorable market conditions this year, as do Tahitian pearls. In general, the U.S. colored stone market is stable, with some buying opportunities developing.

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