Colored Stones, May 2016: Lagos’ Caviar Jewelry & More


Color Corrections

After 40 years on the market, Lagos’ iconic Caviar Color gemstone collection is getting a youthful boost. Now featuring bezel-set gems and one sugarloaf-cut cabochon gemstone a year (for 2016 it’s amethyst), the addition “gives our Caviar gemstone portfolio a modern update,” says designer Steven Lagos. Besides the plentiful purple stone, the collection comprises Rose de France, blue and white topaz, and green quartz. Retail prices start at $395. 

Above: Earrings in silver with 7.6 cts. t.w. colorless rock crystal quartz, $695, station necklace in silver with 27.36 cts. t.w. blue topaz, $1,500; inset: bracelet in silver with 18k gold and 11.17 ct. sugarloaf-cut amethyst; $1,350; Lagos, Philadelphia; 877-925-4305;



Shape Shifters


Julie Lamb’s Metropolis collection offers whimsical diamond-shape stones that double as Superman logo silhouettes. “You see what you want,” she says. The gems range from quartz to topaz to diamonds, but when gifted to moms, wives, and girlfriends, all inspire the same goofy (but true!) line: “Acknowledge her superpowers.” 

Metropolis Chevron ring in 14k rose gold with a 1.75 ct. rhodolite garnet and 0.145 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,550,


“Small geodes and agate slices set in diamond halos are selling great in the $1,000 to $2,800 range.” 

—Rebecca Shukan, owner, Rebecca Shukan Jewelry, Los Angeles