Colored-Diamond Expert is First NCDIA Speaker

Noted colored-diamond expert and collector Alan Bronstein, president of New York-based Aurora Gems, was the keynote speaker at the first public event held by the new Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA). The breakfast seminar, held June 7 during The JCK Show ~ Las Vegas, attracted a crowd of retailers, manufacturers, and journalists. The meeting began with an introduction to NCDIA and its mission—to promote the use of natural color diamonds in jewelry—and wrapped with Bronstein’s talk.

In the last 20 years, said Bronstein, there have been several significant moments when colored diamonds have taken center stage. He cited numerous auctions, museum exhibits such as the Aurora Collection at the American Museum of Natural History in New York (now on tour), and the Splendor of Diamonds exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. He also identified several notable “celebrity” colored diamonds in the spotlight recently, such as the Jennifer Lopez pink, the Kobe Bryant pink/purple, and the Janet Jackson yellow.

NCDIA’s mission is to help both jewelers and consumers make educated decisions regarding the purchase of a natural color diamond. There is a need to educate the public about NCDIA’s existence, he said, and about natural vs. synthetic color diamonds. Bronstein also pointed out that as with any colored gemstone, color is a subjective choice. Everyone has something that turns him or her on, he said.

“If someone is going to buy a natural color diamond, it needs to come with certification from a lab,” he added. “Labs are responsible for grading, but the consumer has to decide if they’re going to buy a beautiful diamond or a beautiful certificate.”

How unique are colored diamonds? Bronstein said that relative to white diamonds, there is one colored diamond for every 10,000 white diamonds. And within the range of colors, each is unique.

“If someone calls me to match a stone, it’s virtually impossible,” he said. “I’m happy if I find something similar.”

Natural color diamonds allow a jeweler to compete on something other than price, he explained, and NCDIA seeks to prove to the public that colored diamonds are not just for celebrities and royalty anymore.

“All colored diamonds arouse passion,” declared Bronstein. “Buy a stone you’re passionate about.”

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