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The Jewelers Education Foundation of the American Gem Society has announced the fall speaking schedule of JEF Foundation Fellows. The speakers, topics, venue and contact telephone number are:

  • Sept. 10 &endash; Tom Tivol, “Sales Training Done Effectively,” Indiana Jewelers of America affiliate meeting; (317) 573-2990.

  • Sept. 11 – Mark Moeller, “How to Separate Baby Boomers from their Money,” New England AGS Guild meeting, (603) 625-8442.

  • Sept. 13 – Al Gilbertson, “How to Write Effective Point-of-Purchase Reports,” Northern California AGS Guild meeting, (415) 321-0764.

  • Sept. 16 – Bill Farmer, “Turn Customers into Friends,” Iowa JA affiliate meeting, (913) 661-0084.

  • Sept. 27 – John Michaels, “The Jeweler’s Responsibility for Customer Goods,” Connecticut AGS Guild meeting, (203) 767-1832.

  • Nov. 9 – Bill Farmer, “Turn Customers into Friends,” Illinois JA affiliate meeting, (217) 528-5230.

JEF Foundation Fellows may be booked through the American Gem Society, 8881 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, Nev. 89117; (702) 255-6500, fax (702) 255-7420.


The first course in a jewelry degree program being developed by the Jewelers of America Center for Business Studies and Pratt Institute will be held Sept. 11 through Jan. 22 at Pratt’s location in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Courses will be taught in jewelry history, appraisal, antique and estate jewelry, jewelry sales and marketing, customer and staff relations, financial management and jewelry security. Each course will be equivalent to three continuing education units from Pratt’s Continuing Education Department. Upon completion of the program, students will receive JA’s Accredited Jeweler designation and a Pratt certificate.

This eventually will evolve into a master’s program in jewelry studies (see “JA & Pratt Prepare for Degree Programs,” JCK, June 1995, page 25). Students with a JA/Pratt certificate will be able to transfer credit toward the master’s program when it becomes operational.

In addition, JA will work with Pratt to create new CBS courses that fall within Pratt’s continuing education requirements. Therefore, CBS graduates who have earned up to 120 credits from JA may also be eligible for a Pratt certificate, pending Pratt’s evaluation of CBS courses.

Jewelers of America Education Department, 1185 Ave. of the Americas, 30th Fl., New York, N.Y. 10036; (800) 223-0673.


The Gemological Institute of America’s learn-at-home “Diamonds” program offers training in the identification of diamond simulants and treatments that have become big news today. The training is incorporated into the “Diamond Grading” portion of the two-course program.

“Treatments and simulants are important factors in today’s market,” says Janice Mack Talcott, GIA’s director of education. “This training, based on our research efforts, is GIA’s response to their increased profile and to the needs of jewelers to keep up with changes in the industry.”

The “Diamonds” program now comes with software for GIA’s Home Study On-Line electronic classroom and access to GIA-Net, the institute’s computer network. All GIA learn-at-home courses are accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council.

GIA Education Services, Dept. PR51F, P.O. Box 2110, Santa Monica, Cal. 90407-2110; (800) 421-7250 or (310) 829-2991, ext. 292.


The Gemological Institute of America has announced winners of its 1995 scholarships for on-campus and distance education. The scholarships and the winners:

  • Nat Bubar Scholarship – Debra Stricker of Scottsbluff, Neb.

  • Henry Dunay Scholarship – Angela Amiejko of Albuquerque, N.M.

  • Johnson’s Family Diamond Cellar Scholarship – Jamie Adams of Bellingham, Wash.

  • Trillion Diamond Co. Endowed Scholarship – Marc Audet of Cedar Hill, Tex.

  • Ray Glynn Scholarship – Connie Hughes of Eugene, Ore.

  • Morris Hanauer Scholarship – Christine Anderson of Reno, Nev.

  • IJO/Seiko Scholarships – Deborah McShane of Fargo, N.D.; Ginger Pankey of Macomb, Ill.; and Scott Scoville of Provo, Utah.

  • James R. Lucey Memorial Scholarship – Maureen Crowley of Chicago, Ill.

  • Eunice Miles Scholarship – Roma Zanders of Tempe, Ariz.

  • Irene Mack Scholarships – Chabisse Antonopoulos of Athens, Ohio, and James Tingle of Minneapolis, Minn.

  • William F. Roberts Jr. IJO Scholarships – Ria Bakas of Great Falls, Mont.; Scott Dehne of Peoria, Ill.; Terry Fox of Great Falls, Mont.; Gary Klein of Fargo, N.D.; Luella Roberts of Tullahoma, Tenn.; Gisela Stoltenberg of San Coulee, Mont.; and Anna Vanhoose of Prescott, Ariz.

  • Suberi Bros. Scholarships – Mitchell Berman of Bay City, Mich.; Patrick Davis of Santa Monica, Cal.; Carolyn Foster of Los Angeles, Cal.; Deborah Kindlund of Boston, Mass.; Charles Martin of Springfield, Ore.; and Christopher Staffin of Redding, Cal.

  • North Texas GIA Alumni Association Scholarship – Kelly Jensen of Denton, Tex.

Applications for 1996 scholarships will be available after Sept. 1 from the Gemological Institute of America, Office of Student Financial Assistance, P.O. Box 2110, Santa Monica, Cal. 90407-2110; (310) 829-2991, ext. 355; fax (310) 828-6589.


More than 300 jewelers attended a regional education conference that Jewelers of America presented June 2-5 in Orlando, Fla. The event featured an intensive schedule of marketing, sales and bench classes.

Jewelers came from as close as Orlando and as far away as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. “We were very gratified with the turnout,” says Gina DeHaan, director of education. “It was our intention in picking this location [near Disney World] that jewelers would make this a family event – and many did. It also confirmed our thinking that bringing education to the regional level is what jewelers want.”

Especially well-received, says JA, were technical classes for independent jewelers who do much of their own work and marketing classes that explained specific promotions.

Thirty-eight jewelers took JA’s Certified Store Manager exam during the conference. That brings the total number of jewelers who have taken the test to more than 400.

Jewelers also had a chance to relax or network during cocktail receptions and informal dinners.

Other regional conferences are scheduled during the Massachusetts/Rhode Island JA Convention Oct. 28, the Minnesota JA Convention Sept. 29-Oct. 1 and the JA Las Vegas! Show Jan. 10-12, 1996.


The 1995 Gemmology Conference will be held Oct. 20-22 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The conference will be presented by the Canadian Gemmological Association.

Renowned gem collector John Sinkankas will deliver the keynote address. He will discuss the significance and future of gemstone sources in North America. Alan Hodgkinson, a gem researcher and educator, will present the plenary address, titled “What’s New in the World of Gemmology.”

Other topics are “Diamond Treatments, Grading and Pricing,” “Visual Optics Workshop,” “Laboratory Grown Ruby,” “Pearl Grading,” “Diamond Grading,” “Unusual Inclusions in Gemstones,” “Cameos – Old and New,” “Minerals are Gemstones, Too,” “Illustration in Mineral/Gem Books,” “History of Western Jewellery,” “The Culture and Finishing of Mabe Pearls in Abalone,” “Hands-on Diamond Grading,” “Historical Perspective on Gemcarving Through the Ages,” “Gemstones in Antique Jewellery Offer Dating Clues,” “Gemstone Occurrences in British Columbia” and “Synthetic Diamonds.”

For special hotel rates, call (800) 228-9898 or (604) 689-9211. For special travel rates, call Carlson Wagonlit Travel at (800) 663-1373, (604) 682-4272, (604) 895-4552 or (604) 895-4554 and refer to convention number M2228. Canadian Gemmological Association, 1767 Avenue Rd., North York, Ontario, M5M 3Y8, Canada; (416) 785-0962.

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