In the article “Return to Sanity,” (JCK, Feb. 2001, p. 152), there was a misunderstanding about the setup and pricing structure of the ‘clicks and bricks’ e-tailer Enjewel. The branded and designer jewelry offered for sale on the site is sold only at manufacturers’ suggested retail prices; it is not sold at discount prices.

According to Enjewel president and CEO Sheldon Ginsberg, the three important elements of the site for consumers are: 1) brand name recognition, a large selection of designer jewelry, and the convenience of Web shopping; 2) care, service, and comfort offered by trusted well-known affiliate Enjewel retailers who provide service at no cost to consumers; and 3) knowledge that they are buying authorized branded merchandise.

In the February issue of JCK (Up Front, p. 35), we noted that the Carolina Queen, an 18.88-ct. emerald mined in Hiddenite, N.C., by James Hill—was “pulled from the auction.” The emerald was available at the Antiquorum auction, but since the reserve price wasn’t met, the piece wasn’t sold.