Cause-Related Marketing

When disaster struck in Haiti in January, many jewelry stores stepped in to do what they could to help. By doing so, a lot of them did some good for themselves. They got significant media exposure and reinforced relationships with customers. It’s called cause-related marketing, and every smart jeweler should do it. But to be effective, you need a plan. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Find a cause or causes that mean something to you. Ask your best customers what causes are important to them. Nothing builds relationships like shared interests.

  2. Contact the leaders of these organizations. Let them know you’re willing to help.

  3. Find out who is handling public relations for these organizations. Work with them to create an event that can grab people’s attention. Collaborate on a press release that will go to key people in the local media.

  4. Donate products or services that show your unique strengths. If you do significant watch business, for example, donate a watch.

Enlist customers to promote the event. They can talk it up at work, among family and friends, and at professional meetings and events.

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