Case Study: Rocks the Jewelers

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas

Once seen as a garish, rhinestone-encrusted desert oasis for travelers in search of a reckless weekend of gambling and glamour, Las Vegas has evolved into an international city of sophistication, home to an impressive array of luxury resorts with opulent amenities and unforgettable entertainment. While the bauble boutiques that cater to jackpot winners and quickie weddings are hardly new to Sin City, The Jewelers of Las Vegas—a chain of 12 stores in upscale hotels and malls along Las Vegas Boulevard (including stand-alone locations across the Las Vegas Valley)—has taken the casino-level jewelry store to new heights with its 7-year-old Rocks inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Hard Rock, Cool Atmosphere

Just off the Las Vegas Strip in the heart of the Paradise district, the Hard Rock is best known for its live music, famed pool parties, raucous nightlife, and casual vibe. The Jewelers founders, Mordechai and Vicki Yerushalmi, sons Benny, Leor, and Elad, and daughter Natalie were determined to preserve that ambience in the 800-square-foot Rocks space. “We wanted it to be stylish and sophisticated—like all our stores—but not so formal, more fun, laid-back, and inviting,” says vice president Leor Yerushalmi. “An atmosphere you could feel comfortable walking into in your jeans and a T-shirt after a concert or still in your bathing suit after spending the day at the pool.”

Rebel Diamonds

A distinct departure from The Jewelers’ more traditionally designed stores, Rocks relies on sleek Hope Diamond blue–mirrored walls, chrome-edged cutout gem-shaped display windows, and a cluster of rustic antler chandeliers—a decidedly fashion-conscious appeal to the daring diamond buyer. “For me the blue-mirrored walls make the biggest impact,” explains Leor. “But it’s a blend of a lot of textures and shapes and surfaces that come together in a cool way.”

The Betting Kind

In 1972, newlyweds Mordechai and Vicki Yerushalmi immigrated to Las Vegas from Israel, placing their bets on the fledgling local fine-jewelry market. Since 1976, The Jewelers has defined its brand with three core values, says Leor: “Our customers know when they come to us they will get better value, better quality, and better service. Our prices range from $100 to over six figures. So no matter how much you want to spend, we always have something unique for you.” Customers can choose from Rocks’ wide selection of well-known designers such as Charles Krypell’s candy-colored cushion-cut precious stones and the exclusive collection of Breitling for Bentley timepieces, or venture into the many one-of-a-kind designs created by The Jewelers. “We try to design pieces that start trends,” says Leor.

A Real Family Business

Mordechai and his family have spent the better part of their lives helping shoppers find that perfect piece. “We’ve all always been in the business,” says Leor. “My earliest memories are in my playpen with my brothers while my mom and dad worked with customers. The kids gift-wrapped for the holidays, we all went with my mom to visit my dad when he worked nights at the store in The Dunes—it’s always been a way of life.”

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