Calibrated Cabochons

Calibrated machine-cut genuine gemstone cabochons made their debut in Tucson this year. Frank Cardone, sales manager for Signity New York Ltd., says visitors to Signity’s booth welcomed the innovation, citing consistent height of cabs as a major benefit. According to Cardone, a Canadian designer who had abandoned cabochons plans to take advantage of the new calibrated material.

“We focus on genuine gemstones—all natural,” says Cardone. “We have two shapes, rounds and ovals. The rounds are available in 2-mm to 4-mm sizes, and the ovals are cut in five-by-threes and six-by-fours.” Six gems are available in the Signity line: amethyst, citrine, peridot, rhodolite, blue topaz, and colorless topaz. These are the same gems available in Signity’s faceted calibrated line of natural gems.

“They’re all machine cut, so they’re consistent in the base measurement outline,” says Cardone. “And the heights are all the same, too.”

Signity has applied a foil backing (developed by Signity’s parent company, Swarovski) to lighter-colored gems to make the colors appear more intense. The company calls these Flash Cabs. “In the amethyst, we have a lilac color. These use the foil back,” says Cardone. “For amethyst in the darker violet color, we don’t need the foil back. These are called ‘regular cabs,’ and this is the larger program.”