Buying Trends Among U.S. Women

My background is European, and in European countries, women have a different approach to buying and wearing jewelry. They express themselves and their style with their jewelry and have a more playful attitude. Many European women have a jewelry and watch wardrobe. They change their jewelry based on the occasion and their mood, expressing themselves and their style through it.

In the United States, however, women tend to consistently wear one or two great pieces of jewelry and a watch. They mark milestones and achievements with a piece of jewelry or a watch. It’s not as often thought of as a way to enhance your wardrobe.

A similar challenge is interest in design. American women have a different appreciation for jewelry, which is reflected in their purchasing trends. Americans look for value and invest in classic pieces that can be worn every day. European women are also interested in value, but have a stronger interest in fashion and trends. They invest in unique pieces with innovative design.

I view these as huge opportunities. There’s so much room for growth in the U.S. market. Women are more independent, have higher incomes, and are making more self-purchases. There is more wealth in the United States than ever and an increased interest in luxury goods that exemplify history, craftsmanship, quality, and design. The United States is an emerging market for luxury goods, including jewelry and watches. I’m fascinated by the potential.

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